Serving North Dallas Communities Since 1994
McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Lucas, Allen & Fairview

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Five Stars!

We bought a house in McKinney and had Dennis and crew come out and clean the carpet and tile before we moved in.  The house was 6 years old and the previous owner hadn’t had it cleaned in a while.
Master’s Touch did a great job. Would definitely have them back
to clean it again.

They cleaned our previous house also a couple of years ago.

John  ,   

Mckinney TX

Always Dependable, High Quality, Stellar Service

I’ve been a customer of Master’s Touch Carpet Care’s for over 8 years. They’re always there when I need something. The first time I used them I remember thinking that that was the cleanest I’ve ever seen my carpets. It was the the first time I’ve ever seen my carpets look as they are supposed to.

Last month my daughter flooded the house. She put the stopper in a sink and flooded two bathrooms, the hallway, and two closets. I called them to come help and they came in, on the 4th of July. They dried up the carpets and cleaned up. I appreciate that they do anything possible to help around here, they’ve even come in to clean the vents.

Lee  ,   

Carrollton TX


Master’s Touch worked on my sofa after it became soiled by a new puppy. The staff was caring and arrived on time. Everyone used shoe protectors to avoid staining my carpet. The service was quite affordable and when they left my sofa was totally dry. What I appreciate the most is that the staff was respectful and kind

Maya  ,   

Frisco TX